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Why I love Italy – #3 Season changes

WHY I LOVE ITALY | #3 SEASON CHANGES www.theitalianwanderer.com

Fall has already started spreading its colors all around. The air is getting chill, days are shorter, leaves are falling, the trees are changing their dresses.

Here the first snow is appearing on the mountain tops. The weather is splitting between beautiful sunny and still warm days and grey, rainy ones.

As the season changes, we discover again the pleasures of this time of the year: a movie on the sofa, a book and a cup of tea, relaxing under a soft blanket. It’s the season when you say goodbye to flip-flops and hello to furry new slippers, a brand new scarf, a fancy hat. New episodes of your favorite series, or discovering a new, addictive one. It’s the season of new movies at the cinemas, new beginnings at the gym, at your favorite course, starting again your hobbies you stopped during summer. But we also appreciate sunny days even more, better if they happen during weekends, don’t we?! 🙂

Sculpture at MOMA, NYC

We start looking forward to Christmas, our cities are getting ready for that special atmosphere. Here in Verona the wineries are at the end of harvest, and it’s the right time to do a tasting tour and discover some new wines. It’s also the perfect time to spoil yourself a little bit with a day in a thermal spa, Verona is full of nice locations where you can spend a wonderful, relaxing day, or weekend. (You can read more about it here.)

Wine tasting in Verona and Wine Cellar in FranciacortaFood Tour in Bologna

It’s the season of day trips and getaways, so if the weekend is sunny and warm, why not to spend a day in the mountains, hiking or simply walking around, filling your body with fresh, pure air and boosting your metabolism while enjoying that stunning event called foliage. Or, if you’re a lazy person, simply spend your Sunday in that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or enjoying a new exhibition, a new show at the local theater.

parmaTuscan landscapeParma

I think this is the best time of the year to discover some new places in Italy, so why don’t go to Florence or Siena or simply cross the Chianti area and enjoy some of Italy’s best wines? Or, and I would like to do this, discover the region of Umbria? Perugia and Assisi are only two of the many cities and villages that waits to be discovered. Surround yourself by art, masterpieces and architecture in these cities.

Why not go again to Venice, Turin or discover Trentino Alto Adige and its landscapes, or norther Veneto and its Dolomites?

Florence and San GimignanoTuscan LandscapeVineyard in Tuscany

Live an extraordinary experience and book your stay in a treehouse or a mountain chalet. Take your time enjoying nature and its changes, read a new book on a terrace under a warm blanket, or sitting in front of a fireplace, on a colorful carpet full of cushions and pillows. Choose to be different and skip the wine tours for a beer or coffee tasting tour.

What are we doing this fall? Nothing is planned by this time, but I would like to spend a weekend into nature, enjoying the oranges and reds of the leaves, I would definitely go discover a new winery of the veronese territory and go to Trentino and maybe discover Turin or Lake Como. Of course, I’ll take you with me, so stay tuned!

And you? What are you doing this fall? Tell me about your country and its best places to be discovered in this season!

Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, NYCChicago as seen from its Zoo

WHY I LOVE ITALY | #3 SEASON CHANGES www.theitalianwanderer.com

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