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Where to sleep in a tree house in Italy

Treehouse in Italy - Caravan Park Sexten | The Italian Wanderer

Lately the search of unique accommodation has become more and more popular. A once-in-a-lifetime experience definitely is a way to boost the satisfaction levels of your vacations and allows you going back home with more than a new pin on your world map. Let’s start our selection of the best 5 tree-houses in Italy without delay!

MALGA PRIU, UGOVIZZA (FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA)Treehouse of Malga Priu | The Italian Wanderer

I will start with the only one we have already experienced. You may read all about our stay here.


Tree house in Italy - La Piantata | The Italian Wanderer

This place has been on top of my bucket list since forever, I know that I will soon stay here!

Two splendid tree-houses with all the comforts, surrounded by scented, purple lavender fields. The suites have every thigh you may desire, they are two eco-loft with all high-tech amenities. A splendid terrace allow you to admire the landscape, and if you stay between 25th July and 10th August you may assist at the lavender harvest.


Tree house in Italy - San Luis Hotel | The Italian Wanderer

The whole complex is a jewel of design. Several chalets and two tree-houses surrounded by woods and an amazing terrace. The two storey one can accommodate up to 6 guests. Swimming pools, massages and relax will be your other companions during your stay here.


Tree house in Italy - Treehouse Village | The Italian Wanderer

This is the first and only treehouse village in Italy. Built as a thematic parc, it is the right solutions for families with children and those who like organized activities. Day jaunts to Barcis Lake, Vajont Dam, Del Landre Scur Cave and to see dinosaurs’ footprints are warmly recommended. Inside the park there is also a small lake with its beach to relax and refresh yourself, or for a midnight romantic dip.

CARAVAN PARK SEXTEN, BOLZANO (TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE)Treehouse in Italy - Caravan Park Sexten | The Italian Wanderer

This is a 5 star camping that also offers some tree houses stays and packages. Built following biodynamic principles and a trendy design they offer all the comfort and amenities you may desire. The complex has also an amazing Spa where you can relax and recharge your batteries and several restaurants to satisfy your palate.



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