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Where to Eat in Verona

Food guide series: Verona edition. Fin out where to eat in Verona, the list of my favorite places is waiting for you on www.theitalianwanderer.com

You know that, if you are travelling in Italy, you can’t skip the food side of this land. You can’t and you don’t want to do it! There are so many specialties, typical dishes, delicatessen that you should try for a full immersion in our culinary culture. Here’s my guide to all the places I love in Verona.

All the places are located in the city center or reachable within a walk.


macarons, VeronaCakes and pastries, Verona

Pasticceria Flego

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flego. It is THE place where we always go when we fancy a special breakfast. It is heaven for the cakes-sugar-sweets addicted. Try their mini-cakes (my favorite is Sette Veli, a seven layers of different chocolates cake) and their macarons. Simply delicious!

Dolce Locanda

From a well known Veronese restaurateur and chef, a small and quite hidden bakery, perfect for a croissant or pastry and a cappuccino.



Another place among my favorites. A wide choice of delicious cocktails made with particular ingredients, some are even flower flavored. It will take you 15 minutes to read the menu and choose, at least, one!

Teodorico Re

Awesome view over the city, it’s the perfect place where enjoy an ultra romantic aperitif while having the city literally at your feet.


Verona food guideVerona, Al Capitan della Cittadella

Osteria Giulietta e Romeo

Typical Veronese dishes and atmosphere for one of the most known Osteria of the city. I really like their first courses selection.

Ristorante Maffei

An elegant historical restaurant in the very heart of the city, Piazza Erbe. I’ve had a birthday dinner here and I loved every second of it. All the courses in the menu are based on seasonal, fresh Italian ingredients of a very good quality.

La Fontanina

I still have to try this restaurant but I’ve always loved it, it is a small peculiar and suggestive place that also have one Michelin star.

Al Capitan della Cittadella

I had this year’s birthday dinner here. A delicious fish restaurant, the chef has two Michelin stars, so you can imagine how good and tasty it is.


Pizza, Verona

Pizzeria Peperino

A relatively new pizzeria, but it is so good it’s almost always full. I suggest you to book a table and ask if that day the black pizza dough is available, it is beyond words delicious!

Pizzeria da Leone

The owner family is from Naples, that is a hint of the type of pizza you can eat here. Tasty and very good indeed. I suggest you to order the eggplant parmigiana pizza. Just try it and thanks me later.


Elk Bakery

On Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 16.00, they offer bagels, pancakes and even a lobster roll, and of course the classic brunch dishes.

Buns Gourmet Burger

Only on Sundays from 11.00 to 15.00, they also have some vegan choices!


Gelato, Verona

Antica Gelateria Savoia

One of the historical gelateria of Verona. Cakes, semifreddo, gelato and my favorite, Gianduiotto. It’s a bowl with gelato, chocolate, hazelnuts and whipped cream. Forget calories and eat it. You only live once, right?

Gelateria La Romana

Delicious handmade gelato, 5 minutes far from the city center.


I know, it’s not typical Italian, but if you are going to stay for a while you may fancy something different. Those following are my personal selection of the best ethnic restaurant in town.

Ikai – the best Japanese restaurant. I simply love it.

La Pagoda – my favorite Chinese restaurant.

Mexicali – for a Mexican dinner. They also do a very good happy hour with typical Mexican and Italian food .

Redondo Iglesias – Spanish cuisine, know for its Pata Negra ham, they also do brunches.

Let me know if you try one of my suggestions or if you’ve already been to Verona and have some other nice places you’d like to share!


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    Catherine Vaughan
    15/01/2016 at 7:12 pm

    All the food looks Divine 😀 xxx
    Adding to my bucket list. *Eventually gets to Verona, stays for two weeks returns home to England obese* Haha!

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      Naike Mulas
      15/01/2016 at 8:35 pm

      ahahah don’t worry! If you don’t eat pizza & cakes every time, you’ll be good! 🙂 the Mediterranean diet is good…and tasty 😉

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