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Ts Suites Seminyak

With this post, I’ll finish telling you the hotels we’ve been guests during this summer’s Bali exploration. I was usure if I wanted to share this experience, but I think this could be helpful for somebody, so here we are. I’m saying this because our 2 nights stay in TS Suites in Seminyak has not been, I won’t say as perfect as we expected, but at least satisfying.

TS Stuites itself is a beautifully designed building, very modern in its architecture and interiors and pretty big in its dimensions. It has a very wide and nice lobby, with a peculiar fountain and Japanese-styled water garden. The restaurant offers lots of tables both for lunch and dinner and for the buffet breakfast, that offers a wide variety of choices to satisfy every palate.

The hotel features a nice gym and a fancy rooftop swimming pool that has a wonderful view over Seminyak and Legian, and a nice rooftop bar lounge. At the upper floor, just beside the restaurant and on the route to the pool, there’s the hotel Spa, that will relax you with some massages and beauty treatments. The upper floor is also where the hotel villas are located. Passing through the restaurant area, you’ll reach both the library and computer area and the children play zone. I have to say the hotel is well organized, offering the guests lots of spaces and activities.


Our room was located unfortunately right in front of the elevators and right under the restaurant tables area. So itself it was very noisy, add to this we’ve been kept awake by people walking and screaming along the corridors at every hour, the result is a non-sleeping stay. The lack of sleep we expereinced during our 3 nights has ruined all the relax we had from our previous stops, so we cannot have a good memory of our stay, unfortunately. We really liked the hotel design, postition and amenities, but we didn’t like at all our room position and all the problems it caused us.

You’re right, we should have complain it to the hotel, but at 3 am the only thing you want to do is sleep, and during the day the only desire you have is to go out and enjoy the place, and of course is not hotel’s fault for guests screaming!

ts-suites-seminyak1TS Suites SeminyakTS Suites Seminyak

Our room was the largest we’ve ever stayed in. Really spacious with a large bed and a beautiful sofa right under the window. The bathroom was peculiar, overlooking the room and divided into shower, toilet and bathroom by glass doors, but you could seclude it by closing a sliding wall. The photos will surely explain it better.


A suggestion: if you are choosing TS Suites for you Seminyak stay, be sure to ask for the best, and more silent, room!

This has been our unfortunately negative experience, which has been your worse hotel experience so far?


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