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TravelDreams: where I’d like to go next

Travel Dreams, my travel bucket list

My summer this year has been E P I C !

Everybody has a travel bucket list, well, last summer we took a place out of it with our August trip to Bali.  I was waiting for this trip since my graduation 5 years ago, this in fact was supposed to be my boyfriend’s gift for my university degree. So you can imagine how excited I was to go there! Someone says that the waiting is a pleasure itself, well I couldn’t agree more, I had so much fun already in the planning of the trip.

I don’t know why I was so attracted by Bali or the first memory I have hearing about that magical island, but I feel something has pushed me so hard towards its direction. I was so beyond word excited about this trip, I couldn’t help but thinking about it all the time. I have carefully planned all the aspect of our travel, and having my globetrotter soul, I had  so much fun I continued adding details and things I wanted to see and do. You can read about our Bali experiences here. We’ve also been in Paris and Isola d’Elba, that you can discover here.

Let’s talk about our future travel bucket list now. Well, first of all, I have to say I let myself inspire from everything I have around me. The trip I would like to take next is an on the road in Scotland and its Highlands. Can you guess where I took  inspiration from? I’ll tell you later, eheh*! I imagine this trip as an exciting, adventurous one. I imagine ourselves surrounded by morning fog, with a castle on the distance and the Scottish hills all around us. I imagine stunning landscapes, fascinating castles and ghost stories, lots of history and  traditions. And of course peculiar accommodations, fancy pubs and inns. If you’ve already been there, please let me know your experiences, suggestions, impressions!

Scotland: Travel Dreams

Same kind of journey, completely different country: Spain. I would love to experience an on the road to discover the main Spanish cities, Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla and Spain beautiful landscapes.

Always talking about large trips, I’d love to visit Russia: St. Petersburg and Moscow precisely. Same as above, I’ve been inspired, especially for St. Petersburg! Catherine’s Palace, the Ermitage museum, the Red Square, are only few of the places I would love to add to my I’ve been there list.

St. Petersburg: Travel Dreams

Going back to USA is on top of my list. I would love to take my boyfriend to the places I’ve already been: Louisiana, California, Chicago, Boston. But I’d like to discover new places such as Niagara’s falls, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Monument Valley, Yosemite, Hawaii and so on. Definitely the US are on my list again.

French Polynesia. It’s my biggest weakness. Who knows me well know it’s THE place I’ve always had on my dream list. I’m sure I’ll visit soon. I want to go so bad since so many years I already know that when the right time comes, I wouldn’t believe it. Words cannot express my deep love for this place, you should only see the light in my eyes when I think or talk about it!

French Polynesia: Travel Dreams

Living in Europe allows us to visit lots of cities and places in short weekend getaways. Personally I wish to go back to London soon, as the first time hasn’t been enough to see lot of the city has to offer. Amsterdam is a place I still have to see and everyone is telling me how beautiful it is, so I trust them and I’ll like to go there soon. I would also like to visit Croatia again, and explore Romania. Definetely I would also like to see Switzerland and Germany more, France, the Loire Valley and Provence, and Vienna, Austria are also on my list!

Amsterdam: Travel DreamsProvence: Travel Dreams

I love summer, you might now know it, so for our next summer trips I would love to explore Greece, an amazing country with some of the most beautiful European beaches and of course I would love to return in Sardinia, where I am originally from.

Travel Dreams: Greece

In between, of course we keep on discovering Italy and its beauty. Turin is a city I still have to see and would love to, such as most of Southern Italy. But I would like to go back to Tuscany and discover Abruzzo, Umbria and Marche.

Tuscan CountrysideSan Gimignano, Tuscany

Except from Scotland, that I would like to plan for next summer, I don’t know when I would visit all these places, but I know I will go soon. In the meantime the list keeps on growing, inspiration is everywhere, from the many talented fellow travel bloggers I follow, to books, movies even songs.

* Scotland: I am a huge fan of Outlander, both the series and the books, that’s exactly where my inspiration for this trip comes from! 🙂







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