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Rome: tips & tricks for a perfect stay

Rome tips & tricks | The Italian Wanderer
Rome, tips & tricks for a perfect stay

Rome is one of Italy’s biggest city. There is so much to see and do, that you’ll need some good organization before arriving in order to get its best and not going back home exhausted. We have visited the city a couple of time and would love to share with you our personal tips & tricks!


Our first suggestion is BUY THE ROMA PASS, especially if you are going to spend more than 48 hours in the city. It is a card that includes up to two tickets for landmarks or museums you may choose from their list and public transportation during its validity. Two different cards are available with 48 or 72 hours validity, starting when you first use the card. The cost is € 28.00 for 48 hours and includes 1 free entry to a landmark or museum, free public transportation during the 48 hours, a dedicated access to some of the landmarks a map of the city and discounts on some services, shows and events.

Its cost is 38.50 for 72 hours and includes two entries plus all the above advantages. You may buy it online, at Termini train station or at tourists info points around the city. Check their official website for more extensive information.Rome tips & Tricks | The Italian Wanderer


Bring your own water bottle as Rome is filled with potable fountains and a water bottle may cost you a lot, especially in the old town. If you forgot your own, buy one and fill it again and again. Save some bucks and avoid to produce lots of plastic trash!Rome tips & Tricks | The Italian Wanderer


This may apply everywhere: get up early and you’ll avoid a lot of lines and queues! Rome is always full of tourist and pilgrims, you may end up queuing for hours before entering a museum. Also, is suggest you, if it’s possible, visit the city in mid-week (Monday to Thursday) as the city gets packed during weekends!Rome tips & Tricks | The Italian Wanderer


Another trick to avoid queues is booking entry tickets online (for entrances not included in Roma Pass, like Vatican Museums). This will allow you to skip the line and use dedicated entrances.


Dress accordingly for the time of the year you’ll visit but always, always, always wear comfortable shoes as you will walk for lots of kilometers a day. Be aware that summer is REALLY hot and sun does really burn your skin! Remember to dress properly if you plan to visit Vatican and churches, you may be turned down if not! Protect yourself with hats and lot of sunscreen.Rome tips & Tricks | The Italian Wanderer


Every first Sunday of the month is Sunday at the Museum, an initiative that allow visitors to enter for free is some national museums and landmarks. Check online which one participate and double check with the museum if that day they are open.


A lot of Rome’s beauty is in its streets and corners, so walk a lot and get lost. Talk to locals for suggestions on where to eat, drink, spend your time. You may also discover special corners out of the beaten tracks. Most romans are friendly, easygoing and funny, you’ll have a good time chatting with them!

That said, if you need some help organizing your days in the city, find some inspiration reading our 4 days itinerary here.







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