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Rainy days in: Verona

What to do on a rainy day in Verona

When I visit a city I always always hope for bright sunny days, but obviously this is not always possible. Everything is better when the sun shines, the photos are nicer, the colors are brighter, the mood is happier, so… what happens when you wake up from your hotel bed and you find a grey, rainy morning? Do not despair, I’m here to help!

First of all, YOU CAN enjoy a city even while it rains. Just prepare yourself: umbrellas, a good pair of shoes and a positive attitude. That’s enough to get the most out of a wet day, in my opinion. You know, you can still walk around ­čÖé

CHECK THE LOCAL WEATHER FORECASTS few days before your departure, so you’ll be fully prepared to what’s waiting for you. Adjust you itinerary to┬ámove the activities you planned to fully match your expectations.

BE AWARE on where in the world you are going and consider the season you are visiting. It may sound obvious but, weather can change very quickly in some areas or stay still for days. After 9 years living in Verona for me is still so weird on how you can be in the middle of a storm and 5 minutes later the sun shines. It’s crazy. I’ve also found extremely odd to experience sunsets very early in the day when I visited Bahamas in December.

Those suggestions may be obvious, but it’s better to keep them always in mind while approaching a trip. So…what to do in Verona on a rainy day?


Going in and out the several shops in Via Mazzini, the shopping street of Verona’s old town definitely allows you to avoid getting completely wet. Be sure to explore all the smaller streets near Via Mazzini, a lot of small shops and boutiques are hidden there, sometimes those are the best where to shop for unique or peculiar objects/ dresses/ delicatessen. Do not miss Corso Sant’ Anastasia, Porta Borsari and Via Stella.


Usually I don’t stay so long in the same city, so I skip the museums if there isn’t one I want to visit very bad. A rainy day is a good occasion to live┬ásome cultural time and learn more about the local history, art or nature. In Verona you can visit Museo di Castelvecchio, Natural History Museum, AMO Opera Museum, the underground Museo degli Scavi Scaligeri or Museo degli Affreschi at Juliet’s tomb.


Spa & wellness in Verona

Verona has a rich thermal area, there are so many to choose between. My favorites are: Aquardens, Terme di Colà, Terme di Giunone and Aquaria. Find more detailed info here.


Wine Tasting in Verona

Definitely a tasty way to spend a day. Verona is well known for being a wine region, so you just have to choose what you may like more, book the tasting and enjoy! The main areas of wine production are around Soave, famous for the namesake white wine and Valpolicella, well known for the reds Valpolicella, Amarone and Recioto. There are so many wineries you only need to do a research online and choose one, or two, or more. ­čÖé


Cooking (& eating) in Verona

Is there a better way to explore Italy than through its food? Nope. Again, check online for an Italian cooking course, I bet you, and your friends, won’t regret going back home with more knowledge on how to do homemade fresh pasta!

Any other suggestion? What do you do on a rainy day?

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