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Murano and Burano, the perfect Venetian daytrip

Murano and Burano, the perfect Venetian day-trip discoverin handmade glass and lace and colorful houses.

One is famous for the production of fine exquisite glass that comes in many forms: from jewelry to chandeliers and home decors. The other is known for its handmade lace, but most of all for its colored houses. We are talking about Murano ad Burano, two little island of the Venetian Laguna, two little gems, perfect for a day-trip far from the crowd of Piazza San Marco.

How to reach them? Easy! Take the vaporetto, no 12, 13 or 14. Take the ferry from the pier Fondamenta Nuove, after 30/40 minutes you’ll be there.

Murano, Venice known for the handmade glass

Actually Murano is located on 7 islands, all linked by bridges. You can visit Murano in half a day, be sure to save some time to explore the Museum of Glass and the Fornace, where you can assist the production of handmade glass, every piece is unique, so you will be a witness of the creation of a little treasure. The tradition of glass-blowing dates back to the 10th century (it has been moved to Murano in the 13th century) and the craftsmen were so jealous of their secret that every worker who left the city at that time, would be assassinated.

Murano, known for the traditional production of glass.

Strolling around the village, you will be surrounded by beautiful little shops of these glass pieces, each and every window display has a piece of unique traditional Venetian art, be sure to admire them, you won’t find them elsewhere!

The handmade glass of Murano, this orchestra completely made of glass is so tiny yet so full of details you'll hardly believe it's handmade.

Burano is a little island famous for the tradition of handmade lace creation, the Merletto, created by the women of the island on the Tombolo, the instrument used to create these beauty.

Burano and its colored housesThe colorful streets of Burano

The island of Burano is not only famous for this traditional craftsmanship, but also for its colored houses. It is a joy for the eyes to walk around its street and this characteristic allowed the island to earn a place in the list of the Most Colorful Places of the World.

Burano, its colored houses are a joy for the eyes.Burano, the colored houses.

There is a legend that says that the fishermen painted their houses in order to recognize them from far away, but actually the colors were used to delimit the estates. Visit the village strolling around its street, if you want to buy some lace be sure to ask for a mark of authenticity, and stop to admire the Leaning bell tower of Burano, near the Church of St. Martin Bishop.

Canals at BuranoBurano the colorful Venetian IslandThe Leaning bell tower of Burano

Murano and Burano are the perfect day-trip if you like to spend a day far from the crowd, surrounded by peculiarities and learning more about two beautiful Venetian traditions.


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