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Molina’s Waterfalls Park

Molina’s Waterfall Park. This is the typical place you’ve heard a lot about but you’ve never been. And once you get there you fall in love. Let’s discover the park together!


We had a day trip to the park and we got back home absolutely enthusiastic. The park is 40 minutes far from the city center by car and is the perfect place to spend a relaxing, detoxing day out from traffic and, in these days, out from the heat of Verona. Perfect for every kind of explorer, the park has 3 different itineraries with 3 different intensities that allow you to see its gorgeous waterfalls. In fact we’ve seen lots of kids with parents and grandpas having fun along the paths.
We decided to see every single corner of it so we took the Black Way, the longest and the harder, but if you take your time anyone can do it.


A nice thing that surprised me is that along the itinerary you find some activities to do, that will entertain you for sure! The most whimsical and magic of them is this beautiful slide that will bring you close to the waterfall. You’ll forget everything around you, you’ll be transported to another world, it wouldn’t seem to be so close to the city. It’s truly magical, you will remember it. That will remind you of the land of Fairies or the woods of Snowhite, you will expect to see the dwarfs under the trees or along the little ponds laughing and relaxing.


Some tips:
Be sure to bring water and something to eat, or even the lunch (yes, we had a picnic in the park!) the path could be long and even if it’s in the woods, during the summer days it could be very hot, so stay hydrated, the bar is only at the beginning and at the end. Be prepared! It took us around 5 hours to follow all the path so it is important to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring with you just the necessary, sunscreen included!

If you are planning to spend your vacations in Verona, Molina’s Waterfalls Park is a perfect day trip. A place that comes straight out from a fairytale book.

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