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Why I Love Italy #4: New Year’s Eve

Why I love Italy #4: New Year's Eve

A Christmassy atmosphere is still around the city. Shop windows are still displaying ornaments, decorated trees, wrapped gifts, lights and are all dressed in red, golden, silver.

Walking around the old town at late afternoon means still enjoying that fairy surrondings typical of late December. The city wears its better dress, enchanting visitors and local. Even though Santa is already back home, until the 2nd of January, sometimes till the 6th, the atmospere is still festive.

Christmas in Verona
New Year’s Eve in Italy usually means spending the evening partying in one of Italian’s square. Usually lots of free concerts are offered in the main cities, followed by fireworks. This happens in Verona, in Piazza Bra. Every year there is a show with some singers in concert and at midnight, right after the countdown, fireworks start right from the heart of Arena. It is a nice show, but you see it one year, you’ve seen them all. Plus I don’t really love spending that night in the squares as I’m a little bit scared of fireworks, especially after getting one in my head some years ago while spending the eve in Munich, but that’s a story I’ll tell you another time!

Arena di Verona at Christmas
Said that, when we can we like to spend New Year’s Eve exploring new places. Tomorrow we’ll go to l Lake Iseo with a couple of friends, spending time in good company, nature and discovering a new piece of Italy. I will tell you this story as soon as we get back 🙂

But being in Italy in this days could also mean spending a night in peculiar ways? How? Venice is known for Love 2017. At midnight every couple in Piazza San Marco kiss, creating a big public kiss that let them start the new year submerged by Love! Not to mentiong fireworks over the Laguna, can you imagine it?!Piazza San Marco, Venice

Italy is so full of peculiar places and activities, you barely can choose one. You could spend the night in one of our castles, or surrounded by nature and snow while doing an exursion under the moonlight in the Dolomites. Or you can enjoy your other half company in a romantic treehouse. Plenty of choices, you only need to decide!

What I love most of these days is not the place though, I love this sense of ending and starting again. I love the fact that I keep thinking “this year I’ll do better, I’ll be better, the 2017 will be better”. The resolutions that keep coming into my mind. The dreams I wish will come true, the places I desire to explore. This sense of wonder about what is to come and who we’ll become in the next months. Every new year is an opportunity. To love more, spread positivity, help yourself and others.

I wish my 2017 will bring me more  joy and happiness. I wish I’ll be able to mantain my resolutions and be and do better. Be more costant, keep on working on my projects and eventually seeing them becoming real. I wish to behave better, and mantaining the ability to understand what’s good for me. Keep myself first, choosing the right way, make mistakes but getting back on track stronger and wiser.

What I wish you is the same: to be able to live a life worth living, to fulfill your dreams, to love and be loved. I wish you to be able to see more of this wonderful world of us, to know people that change and challenge you positively. I wish you’ll be able to do the right things for you first, to be happy, and you’ll see that if you are, all the people around you will be happy.

What’s your 2017’s resolutions? Let me know, inspire me!

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