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Italy: where to go in Autumn

Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

Italy where to go in Autumn: a brief guide of places to see and events to attend in this season.

Trust anyone whom tells you that Italy is beautiful in every season. It’s true. You only have to be aware of season changes and their impact to the region or area you want to visit. On the same day you may in fact find snow in some villages of the Dolomites or still have a sun bath and a swim in Sicily or Sardinia. 

Everything depends on weather, unfortunately you may have to adjust your plans due to pouring rain or an exceptional hot day. It may not be possible to know months in advance how weather will be, but you may have a look at season statistics, just to have an idea or average temperatures and chances of rain.

So…where to go in Autumn? I will share with you some suggestions about the places that, in my opinion, give you their best in this season. Let’s start this fall mini-tour of Italy!


Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer
Vineyard in Tuscany

One of my favorite regions, it is stunning in every season, but in autumn you’ll have the chance to witness grapes harvest in one of world’s most renowned wine regions. Rent a car and get lost in Chianti or around Montalcino (where one of Italy’s most refined wine is produced: Brunello di Montalcino). 


Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

Dolomite Mountains are the crown on Italy’s head. Choose between Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia or Trentino Alto Adige and go in search of the best foliage. Hike towards emerald lakes, stop to eat at some lodges or go pick mushrooms in the woods. 


Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

This might be a perfect time to visit Sicily: beaches and sightseeings will be less crowded and you still have the chance to sunbath and have a swim. Prices will be way way lower than during summer.


Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

I might say these are the less known regions of Italy, but they are instead so beautiful and rich of places to discover. Like Pesaro, Urbino and Gradara in Marche, Assisi and Orvieto in Umbria, L’Aquila and Pescara in Abruzzo and Campobasso in Molise. 
I suggest you to organize an on the road tour with lot of stops along the road between the four regions or choose one to explore deeper. 


Especially towards the end of summer there are plenty of food festivals around Italy and its villages. There are some that you don’t want to miss:

 (ALBA, PIEDMONT) – from 6th October until 25th November 2018
Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

You either love it or hate it. Truffles are one of the most luxurious and expensive foods you may want to taste. Few years ago it has reached the cost of € 6000/ kg. 
While here, stop in Barolo and have a wine taste of the namesake wine, the most known of this region. 

(TURIN, PIEDMONT) – from 9th till 18th November 2018
Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

Maître Chocolatier all around the city of Turin for this sweet festival. Learn all the good properties of chocolate and the tasteful combination with liquors, how to make the perfect cake and visit a chocolate factory (Willy Wonka will be proud!). 

(PERUGIA, UMBRIA) from 19th till 28th October 2018
Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

Inspired by the Oktoberfest beer festival of Munich, Eurochocolate is probably the most famous chocolate festival of Europe. This year will be the 25th edition, and Perugia will celebrate with tastings, shows and fun activities.

(PARMA, EMILIA-ROMAGNA) beginning of September
Italy where to go in Autumn | The Italian Wanderer

Unfortunately this post arrives late for this festival but sign it down in your planned for next year! The producers open their doors so it’s a chance to visit the area while learning how Prosciutto is made and its tradition. 
Do not despair, organize anyway some tastings around Parma and explore the city while trying all its typical dishes.


As already said, Italy is beautiful all year round, but in Autumn there are some advantages you have to consider and might change your mind about the classical summer vacation.


As said before, you may come and find snow on the mountains or summer days along the southern coasts. Choose wisely, of course you will more likely find sunny warm days at the beginning of October, but still everything depends on where you want to go. Italy has a lot of different microclimates so the same day it may be hot and sunny in Naples and rainy and cold in Florence. 


July and August are the most crowded months in Italy. You will find queues lasting hours, hard times turning around in public spaces, you have to call a reserve tables way ahead to be sure to eat at restaurants. This doesn’t happen during Autumn. Summer crowds are just a memory and the atmosphere will simply be more relaxed.


In some places it is considered a shoulder season, in others already low season, anyway you may be surprised by the price difference both for flights and hotels. You may have a vacation for half the price of what you’d pay for it in August.

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