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Italy: tips for Summer 2018

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First of all: summer in Italy may be a lot different from North to South. Temperatures, weather, the crowd, means of transportation, all this are variables you have to consider when choosing your next summer getaway. I will give you some tips to help you choose a vacation you won’t regret and, of course, some locations suggestions!


Dolomites are the opposite of Sicily. Well, doh! Consider that it is not that simple. For example here in Verona summers have extremely hot temperatures because humidity plays its not-so-funny role. Yes, we sweat a lot here! Also, summer thunderstorms (especially the ones that comes from Lake Garda) are very powerful and may give some extreme refresh (read: extreme temperature drop) or raise the humidity level (read: hotter than hell).

Thanks to technology gods, nowadays you can easily find statistics of past years’ weather and temperature, be sure to take a look on them.

More generally speaking, temperatures are hot in the cities and on the south of Italy, area that is famous  for its stunning beaches, villages, pristine sea. Definitely to consider if you want to spend your vacations at the sea.

The Northern part of our peninsula has its own crown: Dolomites Mountains. Perfect place for hiking lovers and those you prefer to breathe fresher air.

Whenever you’ll be, remember to always bring sun screen and do not leave the hotel/apartment without water! It is better to wear clothes that are made in natural fibers like cotton or linen and avoid artificial ones that will make you sweat and fell more the high temperature. Always bring a warmer garment, in case of temperatures drop!


Summer is considered high season pretty much everywhere (with the exception of the mid of August, where somewhere you may find almost everything closed for vacation). This means that is the easiest time of the year to have plenty of options of transportation for ferries, buses, both public and private. If you like low-cost options, use public transportation, for short distances prefer regional trains over the high speed Frecce, for longer distances usually if booked in advance Italo Treno has some excellent offers (in example, from Verona to Rome we have fund offers from € 15,00 per way).

Planning a wider tour? Check Ryanair, Volotea and Easyjet, also for them if booked early and you can travel during mid-week you may find some extremely interesting offers.

The Italian Wanderer | Italy Summer 2018 - Italo Offers

Example of Italo offers – Venice-Rome in July for less than € 30.00


I’m telling you something obvious, but better to be reminded, that all the most popular places will be assaulted by tourists. Places like Venice, Positano, Sardinia, Lake Como, Florence, Sicily, Apulia are so packed you will go back home more stressed that the day you left, of course in such places it happens more or less all year long. Do not the crowd stop you but be prepared to wait for entrances, tables at restaurant (better reserve a table, keep it in mind!) and everything else that goes with a place that is overpopulated.

If you have the possibility, avoid the period between mid-June and mid-September, pretty much most of summer I know, also prefer mid-week dates over the weekend, when tourist are joined by the locals! Consider that if you want to go South, pleasant temperatures starts already by the end of April and may end in October (yes, you have to be so lucky to be at the right place in the right weather!).

This is not a crowd, you would have seen how packed were the Piazzetta of Capri, and we were there after mid-September!


High season = higher prices. Another obvious aspect, I know. Book airplanes and hotels very early in order to find a better price and always, always always ask to a local where to eat. The best way to avoid touristy restaurants and find some gems of truly local food at affordable prices.


Lonely Planet suggests three Italian locations this year in its Best in Travel 2018: the town of Matera, Aeolian Islands and Emilia Romagna.

I definitely agree. Matera (that is on my bucket list since a lot know) is a one-of-a-kind place. One of the most ancient cities of the world, its uniqueness is that it’s a city that lives underneath the surface, in a labyrinth of caves called I sassi. The town will be Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2019, so if not this year (that will be definitely less crowded than the next) save it for 2019 when lots of interesting events will take place.

Emilia Romagna is considered one of the most delicious area of Italy. Lots of typical food are originally from here: Prosciutto di Parma, balsamic vinegar of Modena and Parmigiano Reggiano are only few examples. I eagerly suggest Parma, Ferrara and Bologna and Ravenna for those food lovers that also want to submerge themselves in culture and art.

Cathedral and Baptistery of Parma

Panarea, Stromboli, Lipari, Filicudi, just few of the 7 islands that forms the Aeolian Archipelago. A paradise for the seekers of sun, beautiful sea and small typical villages. More challenging to reach that some other destinations, but absolutely worth it.

Wanna know more?

STAY TUNED! Next week the complete list with our location suggestions for your Italian summer!




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