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Isola d’Elba: a Tuscan paradise

Only one hour of ferry far (or 30 minutes of fast ferry) from the Tuscan coast, Isola d’Elba is one of the easiest to reach islands of Italy. This is the second year I am going and, despite the fact I do and always will love Sardinia, I have to admit Elba is one of a kind island.

Located in front of the Tuscan coast, only 10 kilometers far, is the third largest Italian island, is part of the Tuscan Archipelago and its National Park.

For this last two years we rented an apartment in Portoferraio, overlooking the sea and the beach of Padulella and I have to say that having a large white terrace, facing the sunrise with the sea as horizon, letting you wake up every morning to the sound of seagulls and the waves, well it’s pretty amazing.

Spiaggia PadulellaPadulellaPortoferraio

You may now know that I have a deep love and bond to the sea, it’s my element and the only place where I feel extremely relaxed, in peace without any worry or stress. You may now imagine how I struggle now that I’m back in Verona, in its heat and with two weeks of laundry to do. But this is another story 🙂

What to say about Elba, the island is Italy’s third but actually is not so big, you may complete a tour in some hours. Its villages are beautiful, full of small boutiques, restaurants, purple and white flowers. The best of course are its beaches. Elba is one of a kind island, as its beaches are mainly small and made of pebbles, not sand. However some are sandy and large, such as the beach of Marina di Campo. The sea is… wonderful. Waters so clear you can see the small fishes swimming around your feet.

ElbaSpiaggia di Sansone

Porto Azzurro is this small village so nice words cannot describe. I truly suggest you to visit. Imagine a small sea port, a square that seems to welcome all the boats, surrounded by small buildings and tiny picturesque streets that look like they came out of a painting.


Capoliveri on the other hand, is another place I suggest to visit. The village is located on a quite high hill, and everywhere you gaze, you’ll have a wonderful view of the sea. While Porto Azzurro will be reminded as colorful, Capoliveri seems to be built in terracotta, as almost all of its houses have this brownish warm colour, or maybe it’s just the sun shine that gives this peculiar atmosphere. I suggest you to wander around the village and discover all its hidden streets overlooking the sea landscape, and why not, wait until sunset for a moment to remember.


Did you know that Napoleon lived here for a year? Well, actually he has been exiled here, but I guess you can be exiled in way worse places, right? The residence of Napoleon and the residence of Paolina, his wive, can be visited, but it’s something I still have to do, even if anyone has suggested me to. I am still far from knowing a lot of this island, but I hope to visit more during the next summers.

Have you been at Elba? Please share your suggestions and impressions! Stay tuned for more information on the best beaches, restaurant and where to do some shopping on the island 😉

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