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Hotel Lungarno: your unforgettable Florence experience

Private terrace at Hotel Lungarno's restaurant Borgo San Jacopo, Florence

Imagine waking up in Florence. Imagine getting out of bed, walking towards the window and start your day admiring the sun rising over Ponte Vecchio and Arno river. Picture yourself tasting a delicious breakfast in your suite’s terrace while watching Florence slowly waking up and getting alive.

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Imagine living some days surrounded by art. I’m not only talking about Florence’s masterpieces. I am talking about coming back to your hotel, after a whole day spent filling your eyes with Florence’s beauty and walking by a Picasso artwork in the lobby, a Cocteau masterpiece in the hallway. I am talking about going back to your room at night and have the privilege of filling your eyes with the view of Ponte Vecchio while you’re relaxing in your armchair and, with a simple turn of your head, say goodnight to an Italian piece of art directly from the 20th century.

All this becomes reality at Hotel Lungarno.

Located in the very heart of Florence, two minutes away from Ponte Vecchio and the beauty of its old town, the hotel not only has a perfect location for your Florentine experience, it also lets you breathe Florence, its atmosphere and its art from the very beginning of your stay.

The hotel offers its guests 59 rooms and 14 suites, most of them with the breathtaking view of Arno river. All the amenities are available in the rooms but not only, you’ll have the opportunity that happens once in life of dreaming surrounded by art pieces of some 900’s best artists.

Hotel Lungarno, FlorenceHotel Lungarno, Florence

You all know that an hotel is not limited in giving you accommodation. An hotel makes you feel welcome, is your home away from home. Hotel Lungarno is all this and more as it  gives you the privilege of enjoying lunch and dinner in its Borgo San Jacopo restaurant, recently awarded with one Michelin star. Here Chef Peter Brunel will cuddle your palate with his gourmet menu, letting you live an incredible culinary experience. Not only, Borgo San Jacopo also hosts Culinary evening events in collaboration with some of Italy’s best chefs. A dreamland for your taste.

Borgo San Jacopo Restaurant at Hotel Lungarno, Florence

For the lovers out there, you all know Italy is maybe the most romantic country in the world, with all its history, heritage, art, stunning corners and lovely masterpieces. Hotel Lungarno gives you the opportunity to celebrate love in an unique and breathtaking location. Imagine yourself indulging in a romantic and gourmet dinner, with your loved one illuminated only by the moon and candles. Picture in your mind living this experience on a private terrace overlooking Florence, Ponte Vecchio and Arno river. I bet you can’t wait to make it come true, for this reason Borgo San Jacopo with its exclusive private terrace is your answer.

Private terrace at Hotel Lungarno's restaurant Borgo San Jacopo, Florence

End your day relaxing on a sofa, with your favorite drink or a delicious cocktail in your hand, looking at a fantastic view outside the window or staring at a Picasso art piece. You are now in Picteau Lounge Bar. Decorated by Picasso and Cocteau original masterpieces, a combination also reflected in Picteau’s name, the Lounge Bar welcomes you in its exclusive atmosphere and lets you breathe art, admire a beautiful landscape and relax in its contemporary yet classy ambience.

Picteau lounge bar at Hotel Lungarno, Florence

If you believe that an hotels is not only a place to rest at the end of the day, if you want to live a once in a lifetime experience surrounded by art, if you want to breathe an exclusive yet welcoming atmosphere, if your desire is to satisfy your eyes with beauty but also your taste in a gourmet restaurant, if you want to get the most out of your stay in Florence, Hotel Lungarno is the place where your wishes come true.




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    18/09/2016 at 7:17 pm

    Great post! We stayed at their sister hotel on our recent visit and loved it.

    Safe travels xx
    Leesa & Kate
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      Naike Mulas
      20/09/2016 at 9:02 am

      Txt Kate! Yes they have several hotels in Florence and Rome, one more beautiful than the others! btw, I love your blog, it’s beautiful!

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