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Discovering Villa Pisani

In Veneto we have a very special area of the region that is worldwide known for its stunning villas. Palladio is one of the most famous architects and the area around Vicenza is well known for the Palladian Villas, all his masterpieces.  But his influence is evident in all the region, and the Palladian Villas are nowadays recognised as Sites of the World Heritage List of UNESCO. His inspiration  continued after is death, so in the area we have his original Villas, and others designed by his disciples but every mansion contribute to create a magical, fairy area that you’ll definetely love.

The one we are going to discover today is located just 10 minutes outside the urban area of Padua: Villa Pisani.

villa pisani (7)

Built from 1721 for the Pisani family, the building counts now 168 rooms (114 at the moment of its construction) and is location of a museum. The visit of the building will lead you through the 30 rooms of the piano nobile where you can admire original furniture and paintings, which is extremely rare to find in these palaces. As the mansion hosted Napoleon, you will also admire the Napoleonic Apartment, with some precious pieces such as the huge canopy bed that stands out in the room.

villa pisani (9) villa pisani (1)villa pisani (11)

The Villa is not known only for its interiors, its gardens, and the beautiful maze, contribute to its reputation.

I suggest you to visit the Villa during Spring or Summer, as the garden will be at is very best, and later in the year the maze maybe closed to the public ( I will give you all the links at the end of the post for further information). Accept the challenge and try to reach the tower in the middle of the maze, it is extremely funny, and not so easy to solve its mystery!

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Take some rest and admire the view of the garden from above, and then try to exit and explore the one that won the prize “Best Park of Italy” in 2008.

villa pisani (12)villa pisani (3)

The park covers 11 hectare and has several interesting spots, such as the Coffee House, the Orangerie, the Horse Stables and the central parterre with the long water tank.

villa pisani (4) villa pisani (2)

Villa Pisani is a beautiful place to spend a day far from the city, surrounded by nature and beauty and why not, feeling like a princess.

villa pisani (5)


To have further information and to admire some pictures of the interiors of the Villa: Villa Pisani Official Website

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    08/10/2015 at 6:26 am

    What a gorgeous villa and a lovely spot for picnicking!

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      Naike Mulas
      08/10/2015 at 10:01 am

      It is indeed! ? have you ever visisted Italy? in this area we have a lot of palaces like this! I will surely talk about them later?

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        I have 🙂 I blog on Italy too!

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