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Dinner with a view.

We wanted to do something special during our stay in Paris. It isn’t called the most romantic city in the world for nothing! So, keeping alive this tradition, we wanted to have a romantic dinner. At first, we couldn’t decide between a cruise on the Seine or a dinner on the symbol of the city, the Tour Eiffel.

We studied the menus, we thought about it for days, in fact we arrived two days before our departure still without a clear idea. Must say that, inside, I already knew my preference, but I gave the other choice a chance until the end. At the end, our common preference won, and we booked. As we arrived so late, we found a table available only on our first night in Paris. Not bad at all, we had something special to do the same evening we arrived in the city.

A dinner on top of the Tour Eiffel. It’s definitely something that you do not do every day.That day we were very excited, we couldn’t wait to go up and live our special evening. As soon as you get on the floor and you enter the restaurant, you feel a sense of intimacy and romance all around you. We had our dinner at the 58 Tour Eiffel, the restaurant on the first floor. It is pretty big, but you won’t notice it, as the view that you’ll see from the large windows will capture you. I suggest you to ask, if it’s possible, to have one of the tables next to the windows, as there you will definitely enjoy the view while eating.IMG_5356

While booking, you can decide between two different menus ( one has a course more than the base one).  The base menu has one entrée, a main course, a dessert and a flute of champagne. Once at your table you can choose between several different dishes for every course in your menu. The food is very tasty and it will satisfy both your eyes and taste.20140930_215122 20140930_215109 20140930_222021

The restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner, it is necessary to book your table online as it is very requested. During the dinner a photographer takes you some pictures, so you’ll have the opportunity to buy your special souvenir from the evening.

Definitely something to do if you want to give your stay a romantic boost. (Do not be surprised by the number of couples getting engaged at the dinner, we had two the same night!).

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    16/10/2014 at 7:43 pm

    Great post! Thanks. The views up there are amazing. Sounds like you had a lovely night.

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      Naike Mulas
      16/10/2014 at 7:50 pm

      Thanks Andrew! We had a beautiful night up there, it is really a special place.

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