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Dear Santa…

Verona Christmas Markets | The Italian Wanderer

Dear Santa,

another year is coming to its end. This is the time of the year when we think about all these past months and somehow we make some evaluations. We think about the good and bad experiences, moments, emotions we lived.

Verona's Christmas markets

Dear Santa, I am glad to have become, in this life, the kind of person who is able of focusing more on the good than the bad things. It has been a tough year, like for a lot of other people on earth, but I survived and lived some amazing experiences.

This has been the year that brought us in the mystical island of Bali, so far one of my best travel experiences. The jungle, all its temples, its wonderful people always smiling. The meaning of karma and a travel that changes you deep inside your soul.

Almost two weeks of relax at Elba, a stunning piece of our beautiful Italy. Its delicious food, the beautiful beaches and its carribean sea.

Paris and its timeless charme. Its smell, the croissants, my 4th time there and still I explored new places.

It has been a year of changes, of getting down the foundation of new projects I hope will come to life in 2017.

Verona's Christmas markets

Dear Santa, I hope this new year will take me to some new places, new adventures and more and more satisfactions.

To you that are reading this, I wish you a wonderful new year full of happiness, strenght to overcome difficulties, the ability to always see the bright side in life, lot of love and dreams that come true. I hope you spend this Christmas doing what you love most, with the people you love most, and if you happen to be far away, I hope this love reaches you anyway.

Joy, Love, Peace, Happy



I wish you lots of new adventures, plane tickets, wonderful views. I wish you to be so sensible to feel the emotion of a stunning sunset, the feeling of exitement the day before a departure…or a return. I wish you to notice the small things and appreciate them, a gesture, a kind word, something nice someone does to you or others. In this world that is becoming more and more violent and mean, I wish you, and me, to be those who make the difference, even only bringing some sunshine in someone’s day.


So dear Santa, thank you and see you next year!

We are now going eating, unwrapping presents and enjoying the love of our family!

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