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Castello Papadopoli-Giol: New video + our day trip

Castello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, Italy

Has ever happened to you to feel the urge to unplug and take back the most important resource you have: your time? Have you ever started a journey towards a destination so romantic yet fascinating? Sometimes I think “Italy is so rich of marvelous places, we are so lucky we only have to make some steps outside our cities to find new ones”. This is what makes me love my country so deeply: the opportunity to live every day new emotions, and this is the reason why today I am telling you the story of our day trip to San Polo di Piave, a small town in Treviso’s countryside, where there is a special castle and where time seems has stopped decades ago. Welcome to Castello Papadopoli-Giol.

Castello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, ItalyCastello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, ItalyCastello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, Italy


You just need to cross the main gate to enter the dreamy atmosphere of this romantic villa where English Neo-Gothic, so different from the Ville Venete of the area, will surprise you for its majesty and authority. “That’s true, the architect was quite a bizarre artist”, smiles Corrado, the nice man that welcomes us and tells us his incredible story.  It cannot be but this, inside a castle, where life meets romance. Today Corrado lives in the castle where once his father worked as driver for the owner family. A bond that got stronger in time, a story full of anecdote that belongs to a time when relationships has a whole different weight.

“I know this place so well because I’ve spent my childhood here” he continues, “for me is more than a simple building…much more. Here there is my life and my memories.” He said, explaining that his family earned such a strong bond with the owners, that the family inherited the privilege to live in the castle for life. And this is how we visited the Castle, roaming from one room to another admiring its peculiar architecture and the beautiful antique furnitures. Sometimes it feels like being inside a maze, but this only adds magic and charm to our visit. Corrado let us wander around by ourselves after a quick tour of the rooms. Actually we wish we could enter every single room of the 120 that form the castle.

Castello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, Italy

“Its appearance it’s the same from 1800, you can still see where carriages arrived.” Yes, few steps from the entrance, on the other side from the main facade, that actually is on the back of the building, overlooking the lake and the huge park, there is this covered area where counts and countesses Papadopoli arrived. How do you hold your fantasy in a place like this? We discover that there is an area on the main floor that is dedicated to the bride. Yes, because nowadays the castle is mainly used for private events, especially beautiful weddings that takes place in the main decorated room at the entrance of the castle. We were saying, getting lost in time…what’s better than a walk in a peaceful park full of chestnuts, beeches, lindens, pines and perfumed magnolias? Twelve hectare of uncontaminated nature where peace and emotions weave together few steps from a lake that reflects the beauty of the castle.

Castello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, Italy Castello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, Italy Castello Papadopoli-Giol, Treviso, Italy

“My biggest satisfaction for me is knowing that this small tour has rouse emotions in you” Corrado said us while waving goodbye. Well, Corrado, we felt in love with the place, and with your charming story.

If photos are not enough for you, here’s the video of our amazing visit!


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