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Cannaverde Glamping: September on the Amalfi Coast

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer
Cannaverde Glamping: an unique way to experience Amalfi Coast

Those whom haven’t yet been to Amalfi Coast are now required to close their eyes after every paragraph and imagine in their mind what they just read. Because if you haven’t visit one of most known areas of Southern Italy,  you won’t understand my story. 

Arriving at one of Amalfi Coast’s small villages, by car or by boat, will leave you speechless…but before let me tell you how our story started. 

We left Pompeii soaked by that day rain towards Maiori. The storm decided to follow us and our blue, small Fiat Panda and, few kilometers before reaching our destination, on the highest point of the road we were driving, the storm decided to scare us with furious wind gusts and heavy raindrops. The car swung under the force of wind but we decided to continue, as we were so close. That has been our unusual welcome to Amalfi Coast. I have to admit that in our trips there is always rain (like that time it rained for a day on Gili Meno and they told us it was three years that they weren’t seeing a drop! but this is another story…).

Ideally, you will reach Amalfi Coast in a nice sunny day that allows you to enjoy the view of all its small villages, the first glimpses of the cliffs over the Mediterranean, the small colorful boats in their tiny ports. 

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer

The sound of delicate waves woke us up as the first rays of a shy sun came up from behind the cliff. This is exactly how you are going to start every morning if you decide to stay at Cannaverde. 

Two young boys decided some years ago to purchase the area where the glamping is, and kept the traditional terraces, taking advantage of them and using each one for a single tent, creating an exclusive and private area. 

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer

The guys live at the glamping during the opening season and will welcome you at the common area, a stunning wide space on the lower terrace overlooking the sea and the horizon. A family of cats is also welcoming you, so be ready for cuddles and cuteness.

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer

Last year there were few tents, in two different measures, from 2 up to 4 people each with its own terrace, hammock, relax area with table and chairs, outdoor shower and faucet, socket. The tents are large and comfortable, with a comfy mattress and plenty of space for your belongings. Let me say, nothing beats falling asleep and waking up with the sound of the sea.

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer

Bathroom is in common with other tents: two closed comfortable and nice showers and two toilets. A line of sinks located outdoor let you live the unique experience of brushing your teeth while contemplating the sea and the horizon.

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer

Cannaverde glamping is developed vertically on several terraces, there is a lot of muscles work to do to go down and up, be ready to do that and do not bring unnecessary large suitcases. It is tiring, but is a nice exercise, so just be prepared. 

A parking is available ( for a maximum of 8 cars) and on some evenings the boys organize a dinner for all the guests with goods from the glamping’s vegetable garden. Yes, your read it right, the terraces of the glamping were once used to cultivate lemons, you may see several plants along the path to reach your tent and the boys have planted several herbs and vegetables. After all, you are in the land of lemons and Limoncello. 

Just in front of the entrance there is a bus stop that will take you down to Maiori and the other villages, you may buy tickets from the guys at Cannaverde. Be aware that in peak periods and hours it may be fully packed, therefore the bus may skip the stop and do not let you on. You have three choices: take you own car, wait for another bus or walk down to Maiori.

Cannaverde Glamping, Amalfi Coast | The Italian Wanderer

We had a wonderful experience in Cannaverde and strongly wish to go back in some years to see all the upgrading the guys have in mind for that magical, unique place located on some stunning terraces along Amalfi Coast.

Words only cannot fully describe this peculiar place, check out the video we filmed during our stay here below!

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