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Angelina, the perfect breakfast in Paris

Angelina Paris

There is this cafe in Paris, that has a time machine instead of an entrance door. It’s name is Angelina, and once you enter it seems you have entered the past.

Actually, there are more than one Angelina in Paris, but the one you need to visit is located in Rue de Rivoli, near Jardins des Tuileries. Opened in 1903, Angelina is a tearoom that right after its opening, became the place to go for Parisian aristocracy and most important inhabitants.

The first thing you’ll see once in, are all its delicious pastries on display. Beautiful to see you may be tempted to get more than one, and their perfection in taste won’t prove your eyes wrong.

We went to Angelina during our last trip to Paris, to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday with a special breakfast. Knowing how much he loves to indulge in a delicious and tasty breakfast, that was the right spot!

The interiors have been designed by a Belle Epoque well-known architect, contributing to give the place its historical atmosphere and chic allure. Knowing that Coco Chanel and Proust used to frequent the place only adds glamour and exclusivity to this Parisian gem.

Be sure not to leave without having tasted Angelina’s hot chocolate and one of their delicious pastries (impossible not to do that!).

You can find Angelina in 226 rue de Rivoli, Paris and several other spots around the city, but I truly suggest you to go there.

Angelina ParisAngelina, ParisAngelina, ParisAngelina, ParisAngelina, ParisAngelina, the address you need to go if you want to experience a perfect breakfast. Surrounded by the history of the place and delighted by the aromas of their parties. Check it out on THE ITALIAN WANDERER

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