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A Venice kind of magic

How is it to live a day in Venice?

Venice opens up minds. Because you need to reconsider your concept of traditional city. Venice is a classical city with a contemporary structure. Can you imagine a city that is built over waters? I bet you cannot imagine Venice if you haven’t seen it.

Venice, the Laguna and the city

Here the streets are canals, there is only one square (Piazza San Marco, isn’t it enough?) the smaller ones are called Campi. You won’t see any cars but boats, Gondolas and ferries. It is hard to find a modern building, everything around will remind you about the glorious past of the city. The city is so full of history we would stay here a month only talking about it.

Venice, strolling around the city Venice, strolling around the city

There is a kind of magic in Venice. Once you discover how it has been built you will either feel admiration and incredulity or fear of falling in the Canal Grande! But stop to contemplate all those ancient stunning buildings around you, spy into lightened windows at night to catch some wonderfully fresco ceiling and yes, keep on walking with a strong sense of envy. Then the next step you’ll star wondering how Venetian can live this way: how do they buy groceries? How is it to walk all the time? Do they all have a boat? Do they even possess a car? How can they live normally with acqua alta? How do they move from one house to another? The answer is only one: Venice is THE quintessential beauty.

Venice, hidden corners of the city Venice, hidden corners of the city

If you cannot live for some part of your life in Venice (strongly recommended if you get the chance to) here are some suggestion for a day tour of the city.

First of all I must say that a day is not enough to get all that Venice has to offer to the visitors. 🙂 I know, I just said this is a one-day tour but, second of all: Venice is stunning. So it is worth a visit even if you are short of time or you only have one day or a weekend. It is truly one of the most beautiful city I have ever visited, and living only 1 hour far and going there 2/3 times a year, trust me, it never gets old. And every time I’m there I go back home thinking “It’s so wonderful”.

Venice, gondolas in St. Mark's square

You can now imagine that you can visit the city only walking around, you can also take boats and gondolas but 1 you won’t directly reach  your destination every time, and 2, especially for the second option, it would be an extremely expensive vacation, so get ready to do a lot of fitness activity. Also, Venice has 435 bridges, so get also ready to cross them a lot. Don’t get scared by this perspective ’cause the beauty that will surround you is truly worth the effort.

Venice, hidden corners of the city Venice, hidden corners of the city

Let’s start our visit and let’s start from Venice’s bridges. Only 4 of the 435 bridges cross the Canal Grande (the canal that cuts the city in two and cross it all) but Ponte di Rialto is definitely the one everyone knows. The very first Rialto bridge was constituted by boats. Yes! It was a floating bridge that connected the Rialto market. Due to the increasing importance of the market, in 1250 has been built the first wood bridge, but the actual structure dates back to 1591. The bridge is partially covered by a colonnade and it hosts some little shops.

Ponte di Rialto, Rialto Bridge, on of the icons of the city of Venice

Crossing Rialto will lead you to the other side of the city, on the way to my favorite part of Venice, Piazza San Marco. Along the way you’ll cross the beautiful city, remember to look up and around you to catch the stunning architecture of Venetian Palaces. You may notice that it seems to be transported to another era. This is due to the structure of the city and to the fact that is not so easy to build new palaces. At some point you’ll turn a corner street and there you are, the square just opens in front of you.

After all those narrow streets, this will surprise you. Piazza San Marco is wide and has a symmetrical stunning structure that will leave you speechless. On one side of the square you’ll notice the amazing Basilica di San Marco, the Cathedral, with its Romanesque-Byzantine style that gives the facade its peculiar appearance, and the bell tower.

Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's square in Venice. Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's square in Venice. Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's square in Venice. Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's square in Venice.

Next to the Cathedral there is another jewel of the city, Palazzo Ducale, ancient seat of the Doge, the master of the city, and of the magistrature. You can do a traditional visit, the entrance and the ticket office are under the colonnade on the Laguna side of the building, or you can book a Secret Itinerary Tour, a very special and quite exclusive tour that will lead you through some areas of the palace closed to the normal visit ( I suggest to book it in advance as it’s a closed number tour).

Venice, Palazzo Ducale next to the Cathedral fo St Mark's Venice, Palazzo Ducale Palazzo Ducale in Venice

Follow the street along the sea side of Palazzo Ducale and in few steps you’ll reach the best spot (beside a Gondola ride) to admire Ponte dei Sospiri, the second most famous bridge of the city. It is said that its name (Bridge of Sighs) is related to the fact that the bridge links Palazzo Ducale to the prisons and through it the condemned were able to see Venice for the last time, but in fact from the inside isn’t possible to see anything. Probably the name comes from the fact that the convicts would express their last sigh in the free world because once condemned in the Republic, they would never come back.

Venice, Ponte di Rialto, the Bridge of Sighs, the second most famous bridge of the city.

The last place I suggest you to visit in this One-Day tour of Venice is Teatro La Fenice, the most famous theater of the city. I will let the photos speak for me because the theater leaves every visitor speechless. La Fenice, as suggested by its name, rose from its ashes two times after two fires destroyed it, but the blaze didn’t ruin it soul and you can see yourself how beautiful the theater is now.

Venice, inside the theater La Fenice Venice, inside La Fenice Theater Inside the theater La Fenice, the ceiling and the beautiful chandelier Inside La Fenice, Venice Maria Callas Exhibition inside La Fenice Theater The beauty of La Fenice Theater

Last but not least: get lost! As always is the best way to discover a new city, but Venice is the perfect place to do it, as at every corner the city will offer you a new beautiful view.

Download here the essential Venice city guide

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