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A Guide to Verona’s Thermal Baths

A guide to Verona's Thermal Baths locations

The territory around Verona is so full of fun activities to do. From Roman villas ruins, wine tasting and gastronomical tours to bike excursions around Lake Garda. But there is a relaxing, regenerating yet funny activity that is among my favorites: spending some time at the thermal spas. Especially in these cold freezing days of winter, spending some times diving into warm wholesome waters is an experience you absolutely need to try. We have several thermal baths and spas here in the Veronese territory, and I have to tell you that I’ve tried all the ones listed below! We are extremely lucky to live in such a rich territory that offers us the opportunity to enjoy real natural thermal waters only few minutes from home.

Aquardens – Pescantina

Aquardens, the thermal park of Verona located in Pescantina, few minutes from the city

I will start from the newest thermal facility, and actually my favorite. Aquardens is only few years old but is the biggest thermal location near the city. It includes several warm pools, whirlpools, waterfalls, a grotto, chromo and aroma therapy and so much more. The thermal facility is developed both indoor and outdoor, so it is possible to enjoy the warm waters in all the seasons. During summer days you can take advantage also of the grounds, as there are lots of beach chairs waiting for you to sunbathe. The entrance includes the use of all the pools, but it is possible to buy the ticket that allows you to the Aquadivina spa area where you can do some massages, saunas and beauty treatments. Aquardens is also open at night.

Terme di Colà, Villa dei Cedri – Lazise

The thermal park of Colà, Villa dei Cedri and its thermal lakes

I really really like this facility because it is surrounded by nature. This historical thermal baths is made of two thermal lakes, a grotto ans two whirlpools. Actually is is a thermal park, surrounded by trees and fields that will transport you far from the bustling noise of the city. The park is also open at night, so you can enjoy the starry sky while taking a warm, regenerating bath.

Ancient Thermal Baths of Giunone – Caldiero

Terme di Giunone - The ancient thermal baths of Giunone, in Caldiero

The Ancient thermal baths of Giunone are my favorites after Aquardens. Their story captured me and trust me, knowing that you’re about to dive into thermal waters that has been used since Roman times is something extremely special. The park is huge, extremely popular in summer as it has several modern and Olympic pools, slides for the younger, whirlpools and a wide area where you can sunbathe. My favorite area however is the ancient part of the park. It is constituted by two pools named Cavalla and Brentella, and they have Medieval origins.

Aquaria, Terme di Sirmione – Sirmione

Terme di Sirmione - Aquaria Thermal Park

I must say that this thermal facility is the most spectacular as the main outdoor pool overlooks Lake Garda and from there is possible to soak while admiring stunning sunsets over the lake. Trust me, is something you don’t want to miss! Aquaria has indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, a spa with multi sensorial showers, chromo and aroma therapy, saunas and so much more including the Salt Room, the Music Room and the Starry Sky room ( I definitely need to go back and try these last rooms because they are new areas and they weren’t open last time I went).

All these locations are just perfect for a girl getaway, bachelorette parties or a regenerating, detoxing and simply relaxing day far from the noise and crowd of the city and, of course, an escape from the cold of winter.

Indulge yourself a relaxing, detoxing day in these Veronese thermal locations.

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