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15 Italian places I want to visit

Cinque Terre

Despite being born and raised (and still living) in Italy, there’s a list of Italian places I haven’t been yet and want so bad to visit soon. Here’s my list, I hope it will inspire some of your future Italian trips 😉


Pompei is my first choice for sure. I’ve been to Naples and I’ll go back as a close friend is Neapolitan, but I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the aercheological site. Since I have memories I have the desire to go there and stroll along the streets of this city. I believe it is an extraordinary experience as its story is so unique and at the same time sad and amazing. I guess time travels would be almost the same kind of experience the visitor lives here.


The Amalfitan Coast: Sorrento Positano AmalfiAmalfi

A trip I’ll sure do in the near future. The scent of lemons, the villages perched over the sea, the sunsets, the view of the horizon. Just beauty made real.

Capri and IschiaCapri

In my mind these two islands are linked to the myth of the ’50s. Italian and international divas spending their summer in stunning villas in one of the most exclusive locations of Italy.

Parco dei Mostri di BomarzoMonsters Park, Bomarzo

A place so peculiar that I can’t wait to see it. Called Monsters’ Park or Holy Wood or Wood of Wonders, you can tell by its many names, the place is something special. Built around 1552, together with Villa of Marvels, the site is an unique example of eccentric style and architectures with its many fountains, monster statues, water games and numerous symbols.

SicilySicily, temples

One of our two main islands. Sicily is so full of wonders I cannot say where I would like to start, for sure by the time I’ll be there I’ll have a huge tour organized to be sure not to miss anything. Archeological sites, wonderful cities, stunning beaches, Etna the volcano. Anything else? Oh, yes. Its food!


In Italian we know it as Sassi di Matera ( Matera’s stones): a city carved in the rock that dates its origins back to Prehistory. A walk through history and in a UNESCO world site. The photos depict a fairytale landscape, I guess a visit is just as magical.

Turin and Venaria RealeTurin

I am fascinated by the city of Turin, a visit is coming in the near future for sure. My love for the palaces and villas of course is also pushing me towards Venaria Reale, a previous Royal Hunting Residence known for its beauty and its magnificent park.

Lake ComoTorno, Lake Como

C’mon who doesn’t want to spy George Clooney’s famous Villa in Bellagio?! Besides that, Lake Como is scattered by charming little villages that are definitely worth a visit.


A little coastal town full of colored houses that has become extremely popular in the past as an exclusive and chic vacation spot. The view from the sea of this little colorful town with its small port is lovely. Check it out.

Cinque Terre (following the Path of Love)Cinque Terre

Let’s stay in Liguria. The Path of Love is a series of trails that links five small villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. I’ve already been in this region but, unfortunately, the year I was trying to organize my trip to Cinque Terre, most of the Path of Love was closed off due to severe weather that hit the coast and has caused some damages along the route. I’ll come soon, promised.

Arcipelago della MaddalenaLa Maddalena, Sardinia

My beloved Sardinia. I know most of it but I’ve never had the chance to visit Maddalena. I’ve heard enthusiastic reviews, first in line from my mom, so next time a visit is a must. The Arcipelago is a protected area and if you want to enter you need to ask for a specific pass, but the nature there, its pristine clear waters won’t disappoint anyone and are worth every effort spent in the organization of the visit.

AlberobelloAlberobello, Apulia

Apulia, another stunning Italian region I’ve already visited but I still miss some places. Alberobello is world known for its Trulli, a peculiar type of building that have historical origins and marks the place.

Reggia di CasertaReggia di Caserta

An Italian version of Versailles, the Reggia di Caserta is a masterpiece of Italian architecture. Its gardens and fountains and the promenade pools are simply beautiful.

Castel del MonteCastel del Monte

The octagonal castle of Castel del Monte, located in Apulia, is another Italian UNESCO World Heritage site. Unique in its structure, is a masterpiece of Italian architecture.

LampedusaRabbit Islet, Lampedusa

One of the best Italian beaches is here, and knowing my infinite love for the sea and a pristine shores, it is obvious that I long to visit Lampedusa and its Rabbit Islet (Spiaggia dei Conigli).

The Sistine ChapelSistine Chapel

The only 4 days I’ve spent in Rome some years ago I haven’t been able to visit the Sistine Chapel, and together with the Coliseum, was the two places I absolutely wanted to see. Never mind, you’re on my list, Sistine Chapel, we’ll meet soon!

Let me know your Italian wishlist, I’m curious 😉






I’ve not been yet to these places, so all the photos above are not mine. If they infringe any copyright, please let me know and I’ll be happy to remove them.

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